Guil PST-11 (REA)

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– PST stainless steel barrier system is designed as a public guidance system or for dividing or cordoning off spaces. They can be set up in any configuration; link posts together to form any length barrier.
– PST Barriers give the flexibility to create the optimum pedestrian flow; making public guidance easy. The PST-10 stanchion with a 3 metre retractable belt and stylish new base design has four-way connectivity; 3 receiving points. – This useful system is the perfect solution for an effective customer guidance or queue control in public places such as: exhibitions, airports, banks, hotels, museums, cinemas, conferences etc.
– This practical system can be used both indoors and in covered exteriors. They are quick and easy to join together.

Maximum Height: 905 mm
Net Weight: 8,90 kg
Footprint Diameter: Ø 350 mm
Material: Stainless steel


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