Guil ST-101

570 kr

Keyboardstativ, X-formad

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Keyboard stand that is height and width adjustable by means of a metallic regulation system that guarantees a maximum resistance and stability.

Its special height regulation system, allows fine adjustment to achieve your optimum position for playing in a quick and easy way. This system offers musicians multiple positions.

Our reinforced keyboard stand is fitted with safety stoppers and all contact points are covered with rubber pads to protect, stabilise and reduce keyboard displacement.

The ST-101 keyboard stand is manufactured entirely in steel and finished in a textured, black, anti-scratch powder coating that guarantees a maximum durability and resistance. It base has rubber stoppers that give maximum grip to the floor and thus perfect stability of the keyboard stand.


Load Capacity: 40 kg
Height: 50 cm – 95 cm (adjustable)
Support Width: 39 cm – 90 cm (adjustable)
Support Arms Depth: 35 cm
Net Weight: 3,20 kg
Folded Dimensions: 103 x 41 x 7 cm
Colour: Black
Main Tubes: 30 x 20 mm
Material: Steel


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