Guil ULK-A10

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Set med 2x vridbara adaptrar för att kunna lyfta tross med ULK lyftar

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Adaptors to lift trusses with ULK lifting towers with 60 x 60 mm forks. This set of 2 swivel adaptors ref. ULK-A10 offer maximum functionality and safety for your events.

Swivelling: Its special and unique swivelling design (360°) allows you to position the truss at any angle, offering professionals multiple truss structure configuration possibilities.

It comes with the RC-100 locking bolts: No more misplacing the securing bolts in the middle of an event set-up! GUIL designed this stainless steel securing bolt with a high strength Neodymium Magnet, which will prevent such situations from happening.

For 60 x 60 mm forks: Designed to be used on front loading towers ref. ULK with 60x 60 mm forks. It is suitable for references: ULK 400 (New 2022), ULK 500 (New 2022), ULK 700, ULK 600, ULK 600XL, ULK 650, ULK 650XL, ULK 800 and ULK 800XL.

Protective metal plates: The part of the adaptor that the fork is inserted into has a strengthening/protective metal plate which has two functions:

– It makes it possible to exert a greater tightening force, given that more surface area is in contact with the fork.
– Avoids marking the forks when attaching and uninstalling the adaptor.

Our resistant and durable truss adapters ref. ULK-A10 are an essential accessory to guarantee maximum safety when lifting truss structures. They are secured to the tower using ergonomic knobs and are made with rounded edges giving a smooth finish preventing damages or injuries (no sharp edges).


For forks: 60 x 60 mm
Suitable for Towers: ULK 400 (New 2022), ULK 500 (New 2022), ULK 700, ULK 600, ULK 600XL, ULK 650, ULK 650XL, ULK 800 and ULK 800XL
RC-100: Yes
Dimensions: 53 x 90 x 213 mm
Colour: Black
Material: Steel
Net Weight: 1.84 kg (0,92 Kg / pieza)


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