Infinity Banana Wing

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Extra regelbord till Chimp

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  • Suitable for the Infinity Chimp
  • Expands any Chimp console with 2 universes
  • Enables playback information on external screen
  • Adds 2 DMX outputs onto your Chimp setup
  • Adds 20 extra playback faders

The Banana Wing is the ideal tool for extending the possibilities and flexibility of the Infinity Chimp consoles. The Banana Wing offers operators 20 extra playback faders and will release 2 extra universes on top of your Chimp’s capabilities. The console will recognize the presence of the Wing and reconfigure the second external monitor to show additional playbacks for the operator. The Banana Wing will also enable 2 universes of DMX and Art-Net when connected to your Chimp OnPC software.


Control Mode: DMX, PC Software
DMX Channels: 1024
Buttons: 60
Faders: 20
Playback Faders: 20

Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 25 W
Power Connector in: IEC
DMX Connector in: XLR 5P
DMX Connector out: XLR 5P
Data Connector in: USB
Data Connector out: USB

Length (mm): 487 mm
Width (mm): 400 mm
Height (mm): 115 mm
Weight: 7.5 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Metal, Plastic
Colour: Black
Cooling: Passive

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 °C
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -5 °C

Included Cables: IEC cable