Showtec Easy 6 Mobile

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Programmerbart DMX mini-ljusbord, 6 kanaler, 5-pol DMX
Kommer i juni-2024

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  • 6-channel DMX controller
  • Scene storage x6
  • Integrated handles
  • 2x mounting slots
  • USB-C or battery power

The Showtec Easy 6 is a compact, 6-channel DMX controller with 6 faders, 6 buttons with integrated LEDs, a mode button, a rotary fade knob and a master dimmer knob. It’s ideal for situations with simple light setups like exhibitions or small shops, or for stage crews to test DMX equipment. With integrated handles and 2 mounting slots, the Easy 6 can be used in different ways. Scenes can be stored on each of the buttons and the integrated LEDs indicate whether a playback scene is stored on a button or not. In manual mode, the faders set the dimmer values, in playback mode, stored scenes are output when the buttons are pressed and in program mode, pressing a button stores the fader value. The side of the controller has a DIP switch that makes it possible to change the starting address of the 6 channels. The controller can be powered by USB-C or 3 AA batteries.


Battery Type: AA
Battery Voltage: 1.5 V
Runtime @Full: 20 h
Runtime Average: 40 h

Control Mode: DMX
DMX Channels: 6
Faders: 6
Memories: 6
Playback Buttons: 6

Power Supply: 5 V DC
Power Consumption: 1 W
Power Connector In: USB-C
DMX Connector Out: XLR 5P

Width (mm): 195 mm
Depth (mm): 65 mm
Height (mm): 120 mm
Weight: 0.9 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Metal
Colour: Black

LED Indicators: Signal

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature: -5 °C


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