Infinity Raccoon S420/4

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Mycket kraftfull IP65-klassad arkitektbelysning, Wash/Strobe – 420x RGBW LEDs + 35 CW LEDs

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  • Ultra-bright strobe/wash combo
  • 35 CW LEDs
  • 420 RGBW LEDs
  • Ten individually controllable sections
  • High CRI (>92)

The Infinity Raccoon S420/4 is a very powerful strobe/wash combination fixture with a beam angle of 110 degrees. It has ten individually controllable sections with 42 RGBW LEDs each that deliver wash effects of up to 30,400 lumens when combined. The white part of the RGBW LEDs has a CRI of 92, which is very high for a product of this type.

The strobe effect is created by a row of 35 ultra-bright CW LEDs, each capable of strobing at 20 W for a total of 700 W of LED strobe power (over 70,000 lumens)! The strobe LEDs have a special lens to optimise the output angle. The LEDs are positioned in a line in the centre of the fixture in between the wash LEDs. They can be used in continuous output mode, but are tuned down to 12 W (over 54,200 lumens) in this mode for thermal reasons.

The LEDs are soldered onto a black PCB, so the strobes are inconspicuous when switched off. The cooling fans can be set to a slow mode to keep them whisper quiet. With the optional L bracket, the IP65-rated housing can be mounted vertically or at an angle, while still being balanced (no torque force on the mount). Other optional accessories include a top hat, a barndoor and a range of diffusers.


Light Source Type: LED
Light Source Quantity: 420
Light Source Power: 2 W
LED Colour Type: CW, RGBW
Life Expectancy: 50000 h
Refresh Rate: 12000 Hz
Luminous Flux (Total): 72000 lm
Luminous Flux (Red): 5035 lm
Luminous Flux (Green): 10060 lm
Luminous Flux (Blue): 2525 lm
Luminous Flux (White): 11800 lm
CRI: 92
CCT: 6500 K

Control Mode: DMX, Manual
Protocols: DMX, RDM
Wireless: LumenRadio
Display: OLED

Dimmer: 0-100 %
Strobe: 0-20 Hz

Power Supply: 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 860 W
Power Connector In: Power Pro True
Power Connector Out: Power Pro True
DMX Connector: XLR 5P In/Out
DMX Connector In: XLR 5P
DMX Connector Out: XLR 5P

Height (mm): 342 mm
Width (mm): 570 mm
Depth (mm): 140 mm
Weight: 17.8 kg
IP Rating: IP65
Housing: Aluminium
Colour: Black

Cooling: Convection/Axial fan

Mounting Options: Quick-Lock
Safety Attachment: Yes

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 45 °C
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -20 °C

Included Cables: Power Pro True Cable

Energy efficiency class: T/B/D


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