Laserworld Showeditor 2009 Set

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Laser software, inkl USB/ILDA-interface
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Professional Laser Software with USB Interface and 10 Shows Showeditor 2009 Laser- Software: finally out for sale, we present our brand new Showeditor 2009 – the multi- functional, professional laser software for controlling every ILDA laser projector. Apart of the comprehensive features of our former 2008 version, the software offers now many more amazing features.

– Integrated Live Player
– Sound to Laser function
– 12 sequencer tracks
– 3D animations
– up to 4 separate laser projectors controllable
– full support of MP3, WAV and CD audio
– raster scanning
– SMS-to-Laser through GSM box (optional)
– comprehensive optimisation of output
– ILDA Import / Export
– Run capable of notebooks
– multilingual (English, German, French, Chinese, etc.)
– comprehensive manual as well as Help Desk

Further product information:
Functions: figure editor: With the figure editor in the main window you can create figures/frames and animations. Numerous tools (circle, n-fold polygon, lines, eraser, undo, recolour, copy, paste, …) facilitate your task. The Morphing function allows complex motion-sequences within a figure.

Effects: Each created figure or animation can be overlayed with a plenty of different effects: gyration, buckling, displacement, size, n-fold reflection, 3D-moves, colour gradient, …

Showeditor: In Showeditor the music synchronous laser shows are created. You can use either Drag & Drop (likewise to video editing programs) or use shortcut keys (PC keyboard, Midi keyboard) to paste single figures. Thus, it allows a perfect synchrony to the music. There are 12 sequencer tracks which can be assigned simultaneously with different figures. In addition, you can directly apply effects (colour of figures, gyrations, bucklings, 3D-moves, etc.) on the used figures.

Playlist: In the Showeditor’s playlist, you can add and sort existent shows and save them in different playlist files. An auto loop and auto play function allows automatic play-back at the push of just one button. The adjustment of output speed (PPS) and the assignment of the different existent projectors (e.g. satellites) can easily done via the playlist. Once the settings are modified, they will be saved for next time.

Wave generator: The wave generator is a flexible tool whose possibilites would go beyond the bounds: oscillatory waves, lissajous figures,… The additional assignment of colours allows nearly unlimited possibilites for the different effects.

SMS to Laser: SMS can be sent directly to the laser projector via a GSM box.

Text Editor: Many TTF for text creation

Live Control: Via direct input (PC keyboard, Midi keyboard, DMX) is a full live control of the software possible

Sound to Laser: Sound-2-Light operating mode with afore chosen figures via WinAmp gateway.

Many tools like path tool, line stretch tool, etc.: Appealing animations can be created, particularly the new line stretch tool allows a plenty of effects.

Simoultaneous Laser Output on 4 Projectors: 4 independent signals can be sent simoultaneously to any laser projectors. Depending on the number of projectors, there are 3 to 12 sequencer lines available.

DMX Output: The software contains first-class DMX control. In addition to the lasers, as many DMX devices as you want like moving heads, scanner or LED spotlights can be controlled synchronously. (DMX output is only included in delivery in Showeditor 2008 DMX)

DMX Input: Beside the usual control possibilites, the DMX input of DAC can be used fort he control of effects (DMX input is only inclued in delivery in Showeditor 2008 DMX)

TTL output: As a matter of course TTL outputs of output card can be used. You can plug-in, for example, beam switches, which can be directly controlled via Software.

Output Optimization: Adjustment of colour and geometry (separate for each projector) for a perfect playback of shows.

Shows: An absolute profit of the software are the many professional laser shows which are partly included in delivery or can be acquired on our Homepage.

User Guide: The CD contains beside the software the comprehensive manual with over 100 pages of information, background knowledge, FAQ and a lot more.


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