MegaTape Double-sided 410 High/Low Tack Tape 50mm

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Dubbelsidig tejp, 50mm / 25m

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  • High tack and low tack sides
  • Low tack side leaves little to no residue
  • Suitable for delicate surfaces

The Double-sided High/Low Tack Tape is designed with a strong adhesive on the top and a subtle adhesive on the underside. This tape is perfect for securely attaching exhibition carpets and skirt curtains to even the most delicate surfaces. Ideal for historic venues with stunning authentic floors, this tape provides a reliable solution for effortlessly laying your expo carpet without damaging the parquet floor. This versatile tape is available in a range of sizes and lengths, ensuring you have the perfect match for every occasion. Make your next event a success with the reliable performance of our high/low tack double-sided tape!


Tape Type: Double sided
Tape Brand: MegaTape

Colour: Green
Length (m): 25 m
Width (mm): 50 mm

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