Milos FQ30HDB Corner 120°

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Trosshörn, 2-vägs 120°, 4-kant, Pro-30 F Truss, Heavy duty, svart

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  • Certified 48mm heavy-duty tube
  • Connection kit supplied with every truss length & junction
  • Fast connection for quick, simple and secure assembly

The Pro-30 Heavy Duty truss offers excellent spanning and weight loading characteristics and is very well equipped to be used for mid-sized and large applications. It is ideal for spans up to 20mtr. Constructed out of certified 48x3mm thick aluminium alloy tubes with 16x2mm braces. Each length has a durable construction with a diagonal anti-twist end brace. The Heavy Duty truss is available in alu colour or powder coated in black, RAL9005. Both colours are also available as Prolyte compatible F-truss or Global/Euro truss compatible G-truss. Because the female connectors are standard Pro-30 design you can easily combine the Heavy Duty truss with your current truss.

Corner 120° Heavy Duty Pro-30 Square F Truss

• P Truss Compatible with standard Milos truss systems (Ø 29,8mm)
• F Truss Compatible with Prolyte truss systems (Ø 27,8mm)
• G Truss Compatible with Global & Euro truss systems (Ø 29,0mm)

Each PRO-30 truss item contains connector sets


A = 500 mm
Truss Corner Degree: 120 °
Length: 500 mm
Diameter Tube: 48 – 3 mm
Weight: 6.6 kg
Finish: Polished
Truss System: F
Truss Type: Corner


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