Showtec Powerspot 10 SW

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LED spot, 10x WW/CW/A, vit

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• Smart White color control
• Robust housing
• 3 and 5 pole XLR

The Powerspot 10SW brings the right white tone to your stage or venue. It is equipped with 10 pieces LED which are build out of cool white, warm white and amber in one single chip ensuring perfect white balance. The white balance can be controlled between 2000K and 6000K and therefore makes the Powerspot 10SW suitable for many applications.


Light Source:
LED Quantity: 10x WW/CW/A High Power LED
Beam angle: 18°
Lux @ 2m: 4420 Lux
Dimmer: 0-100%

Electrical: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Max Power: 50W
Operation mode: LCD display
Control Features: DMX Mode, Built-in programs, Static Dimmer, Preprogramed colors (LEE)
DMX Channels: 3,5,7

Dimensions: 294 x 264 x 112mm
Weight: 2,8 kg
Housing: Black painted alumium.
Fixture connections: Pro Power connector 3/5 Pole XLR
Cooling: Convection
IP Rating: IP-20
Operation temperature: -10° to 40°


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