Rolls DB425

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Högkvalitativ 4-kanals passiv DI box

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Discover flawless audio connectivity through the innovation of the DB425 Audio Direct Interface. This ingenious adapter redefines audio connectivity, powered by custom-made, fully potted balanced nickel-laminated transformers, ensuring an unparalleled studio signal quality. Unlike its active counterparts, the DB425 operates as a passive device, eradicating the need for power sources and seamlessly integrating into your setup with absolute ease.

Meticulously engineered for precision, the DB425 guarantees peak performance by delivering a true balanced XLR output. Effortlessly alternate between instrument and line modes using the dedicated switches, enriching the versatility of your audio connections. The built-in ground lift switch takes your audio fidelity a step further by effectively minimizing unwanted ground loop interference and hum, refining your sound.

Crafted to exceed the most rigorous standards, the DB425 DI ensures durability and unwavering functionality. Its robust construction and meticulous design establish it as the quintessential impedance matching solution, enabling effortless connection of unbalanced signals to balanced systems. Step into a realm of heightened audio quality and reliability with the DB425 – the convergence of top-notch craftsmanship and impeccable performance.


Input Impedance : 20k Ohms
Frequency Response: 35 – 20kHz /- 3 dB
Output Impedance: 600 Ohms
Max Output Level: 4 dBm
Connectors: 4 – XLR Male, 8; 1/4” Jacks
Weight: 0.95kg
Dimensions: 17x 10x 4 cm
Balanced XLR outputs
Ground/lift switches for all channels
The DB425 employs four exclusive, specially crafted audio transformers


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