Showgear Cable Connector 2-pin


Kabelanslutning, 2-pin, upp till 16A/250V

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  • 2-way cable connector
  • For cables from Ø 0.08 mm to Ø 2.5 mm (0.003–0.1″)
  • Suitable for LED strip and speaker cables
  • Up to 16 A / 250 V
  • Quick and easy connection

The Showgear Cable Connector 2-pin is a quick and easy connector with which you can effortlessly connect two cables. This is a practical application for audio and power cables, for example. You can think of LED strips and speaker cables. The cable connector is provided with a lever for a fast, reliable and durable connection. You can also easily disconnect and reuse them.


Maximum Wire Size: 2.5 mm²
Length (mm): 40 mm
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)


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