Showgear Conical Adapter Case II

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Flightcase för trossanslutningar

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Sturdy flightcase with two butterfly locks and equipped with 4 braked wheels. The insert can hold up to 28 spigots and 96-pins of the various versions of the Pro-30 truss. Below the insert there is storage room for additional accessories like safety cables or rigging tools.


Height (mm): 382 mm
Width (mm): 562 mm
Depth (mm): 382 mm
Inner Height: 363 mm
Inner Width: 545 mm
Inner Depth: 355 mm
Weight: 22 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Material: Wood
Material Thickness: 8 mm
Fabric: Carpet
Colour: Black

Flightcase Application: Utility Case
Handles: Left side, Right side
Handles Type: Recessed
Packing Capacity: 28 x Spigot, 96 x Pin
Castors: 4
Castor Size: 100 mm
Castor Type: Swivel with brake
Latch Type: Butterfly
Hinge Type: Fixed

Included Accessories: Top-insert


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