Showgear Deco-20 Corner 90°

540 kr

Dekotross i metall, 90° 2-vägs hörn

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Fashionable truss, very well suited for small venues, boutiques or as decoration in discotheques or clubs. Available in lengths from 50cm to 150cm, a standard 90° corner, a horizontal three-way 90° corner, an Apex up down right 90° corner-piece and matching baseplate. The truss has been powdercoated in matte black.

Please note that it is not allowed to use this truss for stage constructions or professional applications because it has not been certified.


Length (mm): 350
Length (m): 0.35
Height (mm): 183
Height (m): 0.183
Diameter Main Tube: 18
Diameter Brace Tube: 5
Weight: 2
Finish: Powder Coating
Colour: Black
Truss Type: Corner
Truss Corner Degree: 90
Included Accessories: Screws

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0,5m, 1,0m, 1,5m


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