Showgear GripponTube Curtain clamp

125 kr

Upphängningsverktyg för att enkelt kunna hänga backdrop/draperier i trossrör.

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The Showtec GripponTube curtain clamp: the best and fastest solution for the attachment and operation of stage drapes and curtains.

These clamps allow you to fix and remove drapery to, and from, any truss or fly-bar with a diameter ranging from 32 to 51mm; fast and hassle free.
Just simply click the GripponTube to the trusses or bars for a secure hold of your curtains and use the ‘two-fingers pull’ for a quick release.

Even a Kabuki drape effect is no problem for the GripponTube clamp. Simply attach a rope to the first hole on your side, then pass it through all the following holes (please ensure that enough rope is left to operate the system!) Now just pull the rope and all Grippons will loosen one by one.

The GripponTube curtain clamp has been designed for use with eyelet-finished drapery. In case a curtain does not have eyelets, the Showtec Holdon Clips can be used instead.


WLL (kg): 20 kg
Diameter Main Tube: 32 – 51 mm
Length (mm): 197 mm
Width (mm): 79 mm
Height (mm): 16 mm
Weight: 0.064 kg
Material: Plastic
Colour: Black

Mounting Options: Clamp, Eyelets


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