Showgear Levelling Clamp

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  • Compensates fixture angles up to 45°
  • WLL: 60 kg
  • Very useful for moving heads and angled trusses

The Showgear Levelling Clamp is a bracket that allows you to hang your fixtures straight when your truss or other supporting structure is at an angle. The Levelling Clamp compensates for angles up to 45°. This is particularly useful when hanging moving heads, as it can be very difficult to control the pan and tilt of the fixture if they are not positioned correctly. With the Levelling Clamp you can still design your stage so that the trusses hang at an angle and your fixtures still hang straight down.


WLL (kg): 60 kg
Material: Steel
Finish: Powder Coating
Colour: Black
Length (mm): 79 mm
Height (mm): 146 mm
Width (mm): 243 mm
Weight: 1.74 kg

Safety Factor: 10:1


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