Showgear Mammoth Speaker Stand

670 kr

Högtalarstativ 1,3 – 1,9m

Artikelnr: D8600 Kategori: Brand:


  • Lightweight
  • Magnesium joint
  • Double leg reinforcement

The Mammoth Series Stands are the high-class range of DAP Audio. They are designed in the Netherlands and produced in Europe, ensuring the best price to performance ratio possible. All materials were carefully chosen to ensure a long lasting quality. The stands have a neutral finish with nice details on all buttons and caps. Mammoth, steady by nature!


Minimum Height (mm): 1300
Maximum Height (mm): 1900
Material: Aluminum
Colour: Black
Weight: 2.8 kg
Maximum Load: 40 kg
Locking Type: Screw Knob
Footconstruction: Tube Legs with braces
Stand Application: Speaker
Folded Maximum Length: 1 m
Speaker Adapter Diameter: 35 mm


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