Showtec Octostrip FLEX Set – 0.5 m

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Set med 8x 14W 50cm LED-rör + controller

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  • 8x 50 cm strips with 4 RGBW sections
  • IP65 rated enclosures
  • DMX, Art-Net and stand-alone modes
  • Diffusers and cables included

The Showtec Octostrip FLEX Set – 0.5 m is an IP65-rated set of 8 RGBW LED strips and a dedicated controller. Each LED strip has its own separate 0.5-metre-long housing with 4 controllable LED sections (28 LEDs in total) and a maximum power of 14 watts. The controller supports Art-Net and DMX, but also has stand-alone modes with built-in colour presets and colour sequences. All units have a robust aluminium housing that in case of the LED strip also helps with convection cooling of the LEDs.
The set is supplied with frosted interchangeable white and black diffusers that provide a uniform light. The white diffusers block the least amount of light. The black diffusers allow the Octostrip to be virtually invisible on a black background when switched off. Dedicated 4x 2.5 m and 4x 5 m cables with control signals and power are included. Additional dedicated cables of various lengths are available separately (maximum length allowed: 30 m).


Light Source Type: LED

Dimmer: 0-100 %
Strobe: 0-20 Hz

Power Supply: 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 238 W
Power Connector In: Power Pro True
Power Connector Out: Power Pro True
DMX Connector: XLR 5P In/Out
DMX Connector In: XLR 5P
DMX Connector Out: XLR 5P
Data Connector: etherCON In/Out
Data Connector In: etherCON
Data Connector Out: etherCON

Height (mm): 66 mm
Width (mm): 35 mm
Length (mm): 500 mm
Controller Height: 103 mm
Controller Width: 171 mm
Controller Depth: 372 mm
Weight: 0.82 kg
Controller Weight: 3 kg
IP Rating: IP65
Housing: Aluminium
Colour: Black

Cooling: Forced Convection

Mounting Options: Clamp, Quick-Lock, Sliding Profile

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 °C
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -5 °C

Included Cables: Flex Cable 2,5M, Flex Cable 5M, Power Pro True Cable
Included Rigging: 1x Quick-Lock Bracket

Control Mode: Art-Net, Auto, DMX, Manual
Protocols: Art-Net, DMX


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