Showtec Performer Fresnel Mini DDT

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Fresnelarmatur 1x 30W LED dimbar

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  • Classic Compact Fresnel design
  • High efficiency 30 W LED source
  • Fanless convection cooling
  • Direct triac dimming technology (DDT)

The Showtec Performer Fresnel Mini spotlights are extremely suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be used as accent lighting on decors, at company parties, in theatres and even for TV applications. Due to their compact design, they can be used anywhere. The manual zoom ensures that the bundle is adjustable in the right size and the optional barndoor ensures the correct design of the bundle.

There are 3 models: the DDT model can be dimmed with a traditional dimmer pack and is therefore ideal for installations where you want to switch to LED light sources without adjusting the infrastructure. The DMX variant (33054) can be controlled with any DMX desk and the battery version (33055) is the ideal solution for mobile applications such as TV reports or interviews.

The Showtec Performer Fresnel Mini with super stylish design, extremely lightweight and compact, warm white 3100 K, manual zoom 12°–34°. Fanless design and quiet performance, fully compatible with TRI-AC control, smooth dimming curve, it is a truly perfect tool for theatre, museum, gallery, hotel, and retail shops.


Light Source Type: LED
Light Source Quantity: 1
Light Source Power: 30 W
Lumen Total: 1350 lm
CRI: 92
CCT Maximum: 3100 K

Beam Angle Circular (min): 12°
Beam Angle Circular (max): 40°
Zoom Type: Manual
Zoom Minimum: 12°
Zoom Maximum: 40°

Control Mode: Manual

Dimmer: 5-100 %

Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 23 W
Power Connector in: Schuko Plug

Length (mm): 210 mm
Width (mm): 188 mm
Height (mm): 175 mm
Weight: 2.86 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Aluminum
Colour: Black

Cooling: Convection

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 °C
Maximum Surface Temperature: 40 °C

Included Cables: Fixed Cable


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