Showtec Season Gobo Set for Act Profile 50

90 kr

5-pack gobos med olika helg-motiv till Act Profile 50

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The Showtec ACT series offers a range of compact entrylevel luminaires with high CRI levels. Due to their size and output they are very well equipped for small theatres, galleries, exhibitions, school cafeterias and events. The ACT series consists of a 20WW and 50WW Fresnel version, a 60 RGBW PC unit, a 50WW Profile spot and an Flood 80 RGBW. The ACT-units are virtually plug-and-play and based on the model, come complete with barndoor, filterframe, goboholder, gobos and lens.

Set of 5 theme gobos for the ACT Profile 50. The set consists of: Halloween, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Carnival and Love.

Height (mm) 23 mm
Width (mm) 23 mm
Depth (mm) 1 mm
Weight 0.001 kg
Housing Metal
Colour Black


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