Soundcraft FX16ii

10 370 kr

Mixerbord, 16/2 kanaler, inbyggd Lexicon EFX

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The Soundcraft FX16ii offers a combination of powerful live and recording features; each channel has a Direct Output which is individually switch-able pre or post fader to enable use with 16-track recording systems.

– 26 inputs
– 16 mono microphone channels.
– 4 stereo returns
– 4-bus architecture, with sub-group routable to mix
– Built-in 24 bit Lexicon digital effects processor
– 32 FX settings
– Tap Tempo
– 3 FX parameter adjust rotaries
– User FX settings store function
– Direct outputs for multi-track recording individually switch-able for pre-post-fade operation
– Inserts on all mono channels
– Inserts on stereo mix output
– Classic Soundcraft 3-band EQ with swept mid-band
– Stereo 18dB/octave 100Hz high-pass filter
– Dual global 48V phantom power split channels 1-8 and 9-16
– Channel Mute control
– 10-segment tri-coloured metering
– Two sub-group outputs
– Separate mono sum output
– Integral universal power supply


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