Wentex Stretch Shape Diamond 125 x 125cm

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Diamantformat stretchtyg, 125cm x 125cm, vit

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The Wentex Stretch Shape Diamond is ideal to combine with LED fixtures for decorative purposes on stage, in pubs, clubs or any public area where you like to create an high class ambiance. They are permanently fire retardant and can be used outdoor and washed without problems.

The Stretch Shape Diamond is available in different sizes. Due to their stretch, they can be applied in even a bigger frame or truss. Available sizes are:

– 125 x 125 cm with a maximum stretch of 175 x 175 cm
– 185 x 125 cm with a maximum stretch of 235 x 175 cm
– 250 x 125 cm with a maximum stretch of 300 x 175 cm


Height (m): 1.25 m
Width (m): 1.25 m
Fabric: Polyester
Fabric shape: Diamond
Colour: White

Washable: Yes
Washing Instructions: 30 °C


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