DAP MK-432

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Multicorekabel för scen,  4-par, dubbelskärmad

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Road-ready and therefore very suitable for rental companies or professionals who need a solid multicore cable. Features: stable yet flexible, double shielded and therefore better protected and with less interference. Suitable for outdoor use – even in bad weather conditions.

The DAP audio Pro-Core Multicable: professional features and top-notch materials have become a standard in this productline. But the DAP-engineers knew there was some room left for improvements: the Pro-core line is now also AES-EBU compliant. Designed for tough –on-the-road” use, so extremely well suited for rental companies, and the professional demanding –power-user” who needs a good solid multicore that is also sufficiently shielded. Features: tough but flexible, double shielded for more protection and less noise, good for outdoor use, even under hard circumstances and in all weatherconditions.

1. Masterjacket: Dark blue flexible roadproof PVC
2. Mastershield: Braided tinned copper
3. Pairjacket: Numbered dark-blue PVC 3 mmØ
4. Pairshield: Silvercoatet Alufoil
5. Conductor insulation: Polyethelene red and white 1mmØ
6. Inner conductor: Oxigene free copper 99,997 OFC
7. Earth drainwire: Tinned copper

• Double shielded multicable
• colour coded
• Tough, roadproof quality
• Each pair OFC-copper shielded

Each pair: alu-foil / drainwire-shielded and total:
tinned copper braided shield.
Min. orderquantuty: 1m.
Max. on drum: 500m.


Cable Length: 1 m
Maximum Wire Size: 3 mm²
Outer Cable Diameter: 11.8 mm
Outer Isolation Type: PVC

Weight: 0.16 kg
Material: PVC
Colour: Dark Blue / Black

1st Shield: Aluminum foil
2nd Shield: Tinned Copper
Filler Material: Cotton, Paper
Conductors: 4

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