Showtec DMX Booster Bar 4

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DMX booster T-bar

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3 and 5-pin XLR
powerCON in- and output
Sliding profile for easy mounting of fixtures and clamps
Including TV spigot for stand mount

The Showtec DMX Booster Bar is an innovative and exclusive product designed by the engineers of Showtec and it is very suitable for all LED and DMX fixtures.
The DMX Booster Bar is a 4 channel sliding T-Bar. It has Neutrik Powercon input and Neutrik Powercon Output. It has 3 and 5 pole DMX input. It has total 4 pieces 3 and 5 pole DMX output and one DMX Link. Due to the build in booster each channel is insulated and boosted ensuring that all your fixtures are getting the best DMX signal possible.


Power Supply: 220V-240 VAC 50 Hz
Rated Current (A): 16 A
Power Connector in: powerCON Blue
Power Connector out: powerCON Grey
DMX Connector in: XLR 3P, XLR 5P
DMX Connector out: XLR 3P, XLR 5P

Length (mm): 1510 mm
Height (mm): 92 mm
Width (mm): 64 mm
Weight: 5.8 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Material: Aluminum
Colour: Black

Mounting Options: Bracket
Fixed Mounting Option: M10
Safety Attachment: Yes

Included Accessories: Spigot, User Manual
Included Cables: None


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