Fitness Audio WR800

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Wireless Entertainment mottagare för ljud, exempelvis från tv-apparater

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The WES receiver provides audio from any ceiling or wall mounted TV monitor connected to a WES 900 MHz or WES FM transmitter. Exercisers simply select the desired TV and enjoy the audio from their favorite TV programs. The super compatible WES Receiver takes the hassle out of upgrading your old Cardio Theater and BroadcastVision receivers. The WES Receiver is packed with the latest state-of-the-art wireless technology and features including combining 900MHz or 800MHz and FM Radio in one unit. As a leader in entertainment technology, superior WES performance and reliability make this the last entertainment receiver you’ll ever need to purchase.

No TV? No problem. The WES Receiver is ideal for cardio equipment facing away from monitors. Users may still enjoy FM radio programs and music.

• WES Receivers work with all 900/800MHz and FM TV transmitter brands including: Cardio Theater • BroadcastVision BVE • MYE Entertainment • Enercise • Audeon
• TV Audio and FM Radio Combined – now your customers can enjoy both TV audio and local FM radio!
• Self-Diagnostic Headphone Jack – flashing icon alerts maintenance personnel when to replace faulty headphone jack. No more down time or upset customers!
• Sleek Compact Design with Large Easy to Read LCD Display
• New Secure Grip Mounting Band – combines traditional and new mounting technologies for quick and secure installation on any cardio machine


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