Guil ABZ-13

620 kr

Clamp med trosspigot, passar 45-52mm rör

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Heavy-duty aluminium half coupler with conical adaptor (solid aluminium) to attach to truss. It is compatible with GUIL square truss, ref. TQN. The conical adaptor fits into the truss connector allowing the truss to be installed in multiple positions.

Designed to be used on trusses / tubes with an external diameter from 45 mm to 52 mm. Our coupler ref. ABZ-13 has double blocking system with nut and wing nut, which makes it the right coupler to the most demanding set-ups like in theatres, live shows, events etc. where the most stringent safety requirements must be met.

By removing the conical adaptor and adding a wing nut and bolt, an eye nut, a second clamp (converting it into a swivel coupler), or any other fixture, it can be used for other functions.


Maximum Load: 500 kg
For tube diameters: 45 to 52 mm
Width: 50 mm
Fixings: Conical adaptor for trusses Ref. TQN
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Aluminium
Net Weight: 0,75 kg


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