Guil ADT-30

2 550 kr

Trossadapter med 4 clamps med Ø 35 mm rör

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Adjustable truss adaptor with 4 aluminium couplers to use truss in “T” arrangement. It is fitted with a Ø 35 mm insertion spigot ending that has a square strengthening ferrule, removing the possibility of the top tube of the tower being damaged due to horizontal forces. Our truss adaptor ref. ADT-30 offers maximum safety and functionality for your events.

Adjustable: Thanks to its adjustable system, just one adaptor can be used for different size trusses: from 29 cm to 40 cm.

Swivelling: The couplers that are provided with the adaptor are swivelling, this way the truss can be fitted to the adaptor in any required position, offering professionals multiple set-up possibilities.

It comes with 4 aluminium couplers: The truss is fitted to the adaptor by means of 4 aluminium couplers ref. ABZ-29 (WLL: 500 kg). These reinforced couplers are designed to be used on trusses with an external diameter of 45 mm to 52 mm.

Our resistant and durable truss adapters are an essential accessory to guarantee maximum safety when lifting truss structures. They are manufactured in steel with rounded edges giving a smooth finish preventing damages or injuries (no sharp edges).


For Trusses: From 29 cm to 40 cm
Ending: Ø 35 mm spigot
Suitable for Towers: Ref. ELC-720, ELC-730, ELC-740, ELC-750 and ELC-760
Couplers: For tubes of Ø 45 mm to 52 mm. WLL: 500 kg
Colour: Black & Aluminium
Material: Structure: Steel / Coupler: Aluminium
Net Weight: 6.5 kg


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