Guil TS-AD1

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Trossadapter med lyftögla

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Heavy-duty lifting bracket to ensure reliable truss suspension and elevation by means of motor hoist, chain hoist, hand winch, etc.

The TS-AD1 steel and aluminium lifting bracket comes with two detachable aluminium couplers ref. ABZ-24 (for truss with ø 45 to 52 mm tubes) and a removable M20 eye nut, to attach and subsequently suspend and lift the truss.

The special reversible bracket design allows two different truss attachment positions making them a perfect solution for permanent or semi-permanent installations.

Thanks to its special adjustable design the TS-AD1 bracket can be used with trusses of 20 cm to 52 cm.


Maximum Load: 1000 kg
Adjustable: Yes
Fixings: M20 Eye nut
For tube diameters: 45 to 52 mm
Material: Aluminium
For truss sizes: From 20 cm to 52 cm
Net Weight: 3,70 kg


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