Guil ECD20

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Modulbyggt trappsteg med fasta ben, till podier 40-100 cm höjd

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Strengthened access stair manufactured in 100% aluminium with a non-slip (diamond plate) top surface. The ECD Access Stair is composed of 30 x 80 cm steps, plug-in legs and connecting hardware. It guarantees maximum strength, stability and safety, as well as a professional design.

Modular steps: Steps of 30 x 80 cm, made from heavy-duty aluminium with non-slip diamond plate pattern.

Easily taken apart: Designed to be taken apart for easy storage, which also allows different kinds of legs to be used, depending on the nature of each event.

Aluminium legs: Interchangeable fixed-height legs in heavy-duty aluminium with a reinforced 50x50mm profile and 4 4mm internal nerves. The legs have an outsize rubber foot that prevents slipping and guarantees a perfect grip on any surface.

Connecting hardware: Each ECD Step is supplied complete with the connectors needed to attach the step to the stage and nuts and bolts to fix the steps to each other.

By placing two or more stairs side-by-side, it is possible to make wider stairs.

ECD Stairs are available with the following references:

* ECD: Step (without legs) (Net weight: 4.00 kg / 8.82 lb)
* ECD20: 20 cm high step (Used for 40 cm high stages). (Net Weight: 6.25 kg)
* ECD20-40: 2-Step modular stair (Used for 60 cm high stages). (Net Weight: 13.30 kg)
* ECD20-60: 3-Step modular stair (Used for 80 cm high stages). (Net Weight: 21.50 kg)
* ECD20-80: 4-Step modular stair (Used for 100 cm high stages). (Net Weight: 31.00 kg)

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20cm, 20-40cm, 20-60cm, 20-80cm, 20-100cm


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