Guil ECP-4

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Justerbar trappa med 4 steg, till podier 70-130 cm höjd. 2 skyddsräcken och kopplingar ingår.

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The unique hinge design of the ECP-4 allows the stairs to be adjusted to different stage heights, making this stair system a very practical element. One stair can be used with stages from 700 mm to 1300 mm high by simply adjusting the inclination of the steps.

To cater to most stage heights we manufacture two standard ECP stair models:

Ref. ECP-4: 4 steps. For stages of 700 – 1300 mm height (Net weight: 36 Kg)
Ref. ECP-6: 6 steps. For stages of 900 – 1800 mm height (Net weight: 42 Kg)


This fully adjustable access stair with folding design consists of four 300 x 800 mm steps with a non-slip (diamond plate) top surface.

The ECP-4 reinforced stair has a folding design for easy transport and storage and is manufactured in aluminium.


This fully adjustable access stair with folding design consists of four steps.

It comes complete with a set of two aluminium modular handrails (ref. PSA-05) made with Ø 35 mm tubes. They have two reinforcing bars and come with all connectors needed for a quick and reliable attachment to the stage.

Protective plate inside the handrail holder. Prevents the screw from damaging the handrail and provides a firmer hold of the rail.


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