Guil PTA6-P

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Teleskopben med låspinne till TM442XL podier (60 mm)
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60 x 60 mm Telescopic leg with locking pin and adjustable leveller for TM442XL decks

Telescopic legs with an external square profile of 60 x 60 mm, manufactured with extruded aluminium adjustable using a locking pin and stainless steel leveller that has a non-skid rubber foot pad (adjustable by 50 mm), ensuring a perfect fit to any surface.

Its telescopic system allows different heights with just one set of legs (adjustable millimetre by millimetre) and ensures a perfectly levelled stage when setting up on uneven surfaces (ramps, stairs, outdoor terrain, etc.)

The leg height is blocked with a steel locking pin and metallic knob (ergonomic design), guaranteeing that the legs are locked in position at the desired height. Finer height regulation is made using the adjustable stainless steel M12 leveller.

The legs come with a special rubber injected, non-marring, non-skid foot pad ensuring a perfect grip to any surface and prevents damage to delicate flooring (parquet, laminate, etc.).

Note: GUIL also manufactures other types of 60 x 60 mm legs; ask for the price of the legs that best fit your requirements:

– Fixed height legs (ref. PTA6-F)
– Fixed height legs with leveller (ref. PTA6-N)
– Telescopic legs (ref. PTA6-T)
– Telescopic legs with a locking pin and leveller (ref. PTA6-D)

From Ref. PTA6-P/70-120 & higher:
For every 4 telescopic legs ordered 1 stainless steel leg-to-leg clamp connector Ref. TMU-05 is included

Telescopic legs with special heights can be made to order; contact our sales department for more information.

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