Guil SL-20

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Ergonomisk stol med ryggstöd för kontrabasister, percussionister eller dirigenter

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Versatile high chair for percussionists, double bass players or orchestra conductors. It is specially designed to answer the functional, aesthetic and comfort needs of musicians.

Our ergonomic stool ref. SL-20 comes with a removable backrest that is height adjustable and also automatically pivots to adapt to each musician’s unique posture.

The seat and the backrest are upholstered with breathable and flame-retardant fabric (M1/Class 1), according the UNE-EN 1021-1 and UNE-EN 1021-2 standards

The base with footrest is manufactured in sturdy tubular steel (Ø 25 mm) coated with textured, black, anti-scratch paint for maximum durability and a great appearance. The legs are equipped with articulated non-slip, non-marking foot pads guaranteeing a perfect levelling of the chair without damaging the floor

The SL-20 musician chair combines an elegant design with comfort, stability and robustness.


Seat Height: 79 cm
Seat Dimensions: 49 x 46 x 6 cm
Backrest Height: 106 cm – 117 cm (Adjustable)
Backrest Dimensions: 46 x 26 x 4 cm (Pivoting)
Net Weight: 10 kg
Colour: Black
Material: Steel & Flame-retardant fabric (M1)


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