Guil TMU-05

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Strengthened 2-leg connector to join platforms by their legs, increasing safety and adding extra stability. It is designed for GUIL platforms with 60 x 60 legs.

Leg to leg clamp can be used with platforms placed at the same height and also for set-ups with different levels. It connects platforms by two legs guaranteeing the platforms are reliably secured.

This useful 2-leg clamp connector is secured to the legs using an ergonomic metallic knob (no plastic parts), guaranteeing maximum strength. It is manufactured in stainless steel, which guarantees maximum durability; avoids rusting problems and gives a professional and stylish look.

IMPORTANT: 1 leg-to-leg clamp connector Ref. TMU-05 is included for every 4 adjustable legs ordered from 70-120 mm & higher (from legs ref. PTA6, PTA6-D and PTA6-P).

We also manufacture 4-leg connector (ref. TMU-08).


For GUIL platforms with: 60 x 60 mm legs
Material: Stainless steel
Net Weight: 0,78 kg


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