Guil TP300-B/D

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Trosshörn, paralleltross, 3-vägs, 90º, höger (parallel truss ø 50 x 2,5 mm)

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90º vertical three-way corner with leg down (right position), made with 30 cm parallel truss, manufactured from extruded aluminium tube (Alloy: EN-AW 6061 T6) and TIG welded for maximum resistance.

This corner block ref. TP300-B/D is an indispensable element to make complex structures with parallel trusses ref. TP300, such as quadrilaterals or cubes.

The connection is made using the UTR-01 coupling system, made up of a calibrated tube with nuts and bolts, which allows a fast, quick and reliable assembly. Each unit comes complete with the coupling system included.

Parallel truss modules, although lightweight combine strength with versatility; being used for both decorative and load bearing functions. These features guarantee maximum safety, reliability and give a visually attractive solution for many applications like: trade show booths, staging applications, theatres, museums, etc.


Size: 30 cm
Main tubes: Ø 50 x 2,5 mm
Braces/diagonals: Ø 18 x 2 mm
Coupling System: UTR-01 (included)
Material: Aluminium
Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6
Net Weight: 3.72 kg


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