Guil TP300-E

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Adapter för paralleltross

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Steel base plate for a quick and safe and quick set-up of TP300 truss. Our 310 mm x 60 mm quick connect base plate has two 150mm adaptors to join the TP300 truss series, adding 2 cm on to the total height of the truss.

The base plate is a perfect accessory to make truss structures for trade booths, expositions, structures for presentations, etc. It not only protects the floor where the truss is set-up but also the truss itself, as the truss rests on this.

The base plate for ladder truss ref. TP300-E has two drilled holes so this can be bolted to the floor if necessary. It can also be used for horizontal set-ups (fixed to the wall).


Dimensions: 31 x 6 cm
For truss: Parallel ref. TP300
Material: Steel
Colour: Grey
Net Weight: 1,60 Kg


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