Laserworld Showeditor 2011 Set

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Laser software, inkl USB/ILDA-interface
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Professional software for programming laser projectors.
The software includes more than 110 ready-made shows.
Compared to the 2010 version the new software has been upgraded with new interesting features.

Editor functions: With the editor, figures in the main window you can create figures / frames and animations. Another tool: circle, n-fold lines, removal, withdrawal, re-color change, copy, paste, ….
Effects: Each figure can be changed using effects: inertia, bulges, size, n-fold reflection, 3D, color.
Showeditor: The software enables advanced synchronization show with background music. Sam synchronization is done on a

Drag & Drop, and is not complicated. For each element of the show, you can assign a shortcut that allows adding elements show live

Playlist: The program allows you to create and save playlists. Playback loops and playlists is easy. Ability to modify the output speed of the PPS.

Wave generator: This function allows you to create the perfect design planes and modifying them in terms of both design and color.
With this feature, we have virtually unlimited possibilities for creating multi-colored lines.

SMS to Laser: With snap (optional), you can export text messages to prostro software Showeditor

Text Editor: The software is equipped with a generator fonts, which provides many options when creating captions

Control live: Using the PC keyboard, MIDI keyboard or DMX is possible to control functions during live show

Sound to Laser: The Sound-2-Light allows you to synchronize the show with audio files played by winamp

The software allows sending independent signals to 4 projectors at once. Depending on the number of projectors is possible to create 3-12 linni sequence.

Output TTL: TTL With output that can be used as an extension does exist the possibility of such control. Beam’ami via software

Optimize output: Each color and the figure can be independently optimized for each laser projector

Shows: Additional laser shows designed to work with the software are available for purchase on the website of the manufacturer

Service: The kit includes an instruction manual on CD



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