Showgear Voile CS Curtain 3x4m White

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Semitransparent draperi, 300 x 400 cm, vit

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Voile is a semitransparent fabric which in combination with our popular Pipe & Drape system can create highly decorative effects.
The voile curtains are available in 2 sizes and 2 colours. Each curtain has Velcro on top in order to connect it directly to your Pipe & Drape. Moreover the Velcro is also equipped with contra-velcro strips which allows you to use one curtain as both pleated and unpleated drape.


Height (m): 4 m
Height (mm): 4000 mm
Width (m): 3 m
Width (mm): 3000 mm
Weight: 0.66 kg
Fabric: Voile
Weight Fabric: 55 g/m²
Colour: White
Material: Voile
Finish: Medium Gloss

Washable: Yes. Note: Impregnate after washing

Mounting Options: Velcro

Included Accessories: Lead Cord

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Djup blå, Ljusgrå, Marin blå, Mörkgrå, Röd, Svart


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