Wentex Medium Gloss Satin curtain 3 x 1,2m

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Satängtyg, vitt, veckat, 300(w) x 120(h)cm, 165 Gram/M2, White

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Medium Gloss Satin is a lightweight fabric. Its weight is 165 gr/m². Due to the lightweight it is easy to handle and more cost effective. The curtains have a bit glossy look. Medium Gloss Satin curtains can be washed and are flame retardant according DIN 4102-B1 (IFR). They are made of of 100 % PES FR. Because of the light weight fabric it will not block light for 100 % for these kind of applications you can use the Dimout series.


Height (m): 1.2 m
Height (mm): 1200 mm
Width (m): 3.0 m
Width (mm): 3000 mm
Weight: 1,5 kg
Fabric: Satin
Weight Fabric: 165 g/m²
Colour: White
Material: Synthetic
Finish: Medium Gloss

Washable: Yes. Note: Impregnate after washing
Washing Instructions: 40 °C

Mounting Options: Velcro

Included Accessories: Bag



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