Showtec Galactic RGB-6-751

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Fullfärgs fatbeam-Laser, 675mW

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  • 675 mW Full Colour Fat Beam Lasers
  • Six individually controllable beams
  • DMX, Master/slave, Colour, and Auto modes
  • 32 internal patterns
  • Intensity, zoom, and 3-axis rotation

The Galactic RGB-6-751 is a powerful laser bar with six individually controllable full-colour fat beam lasers and a total laser power of 675 mW for indoor venues. The six fat beam lasers create a noticeably thicker laser beam than usual. By using analogue dimming of each of the individual red, green, and blue laser units, the full spectrum of colours can be created with each individual beam. The Galactic RGB-6-751 offers auto, colour, master/slave, and DMX-512 control modes. It has 32 internal patterns available, which can be selected through DMX. Intensity, zoom, and 3-axis rotation effects offer many additional effect possibilities.
Please note that an optionally available remote interlock may be mandatory for legal operation. A remote interlock test connector is included for service purposes.


Laser Source: Diode
Laser Modulation: Analog
Laser Class: 3B
Laser Colour: Red, Green, Blue
Laser Power (Total): 675 mW
Laser Power (Red): 175 mW
Laser Wavelength (Red): 638 nm
Laser Power (Green): 50 mW
Laser Wavelength (Green): 515 nm
Laser Power (Blue): 450 mW
Laser Wavelength (Blue): 450 nm

Control Mode: Built-in Program, DMX, Master Slave, Sound
DMX Channels: 7, 9, 12, 36, 48, 54, 66
Display: LCD

Power Supply: 100-240 V AC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 108 W
Power Connector In: Power Pro Blue
Power Connector Out: Power Pro Grey
DMX Connector: XLR 3P In/Out
DMX Connector In: XLR 3P
DMX Connector Out: XLR 3P

Height (mm): 1000 mm
Width (mm): 201 mm
Depth (mm): 123 mm
Weight: 11.5 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Aluminium
Colour: Black

Cooling: Axial fan
Safety Features: Interlock, Key Switch, Safety Eye

Maximum Ambient Temperature: -40 °C

Mounting Options: Bracket, Quick-Lock

Included Cables: Power Pro Cable

Laser Classification Standard: EN-IEC 60825-1:2014+A11:2021
MPE (for Exposure Duration of 0,25 s): 25 W·m⁻²


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