Guil SL-14

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Flerfunktionsstol med ergonomisk sits, svart

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Professional drum stool fitted with a high quality ergonomically designed seat (motorbike style), upholstered in synthetic leather, with greater thickness and firmness that provides superior comfort.

Our drum stool is adjustable in height by means of a worm screw, which makes finding the right position for musicians very easy. This professional stool has a double locking system to block both the height and the swivelling, giving the musician a comfortable and firm seat that provides exceptional stability while playing. Its locking system allows the seat to be fixed in place or free spinning depending on each drummer’s preference.

With a full 360-degree swivel seat, our swivelling stool has a folding base with double leg braces that guarantee maximum stability.

Its sturdy base is made in steel and aluminium making it both lightweight and strong, and finished with black, anti-scratch paint for maximum durability and sturdiness. It has rubber feet that guarantee a perfect grip to the floor as well as being non-marking.

Drum stool ref. SL-14 combines an elegant design with comfort and robustness.


Height: 54 cm – 73 cm (Adjustable)
Seat Dimensions: 45 x 38 x 12 cm
Footprint Diameter: Ø 52 cm
Swivelling: Yes
Net Weight: 5 kg
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium, Steel & Synthetic leather


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