Guil SL-60

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Fullt justerbar ergonomisk stol för slagverkare eller dirigenter

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Ergonomic swivelling stool for conductor or percussionist with adjustable round seat, backrest and footrest, specially designed to answer the functional, aesthetic and comfort needs of orchestra conductors and musicians.

The SL-60 chair is totally adjustable to perfectly adapt to all sitting positions:

> Ergonomic swivelling round seat (360º): (adjustable with individual release levers and an ergonomic knob)
– Adjustable in height with pneumatic system. It has a precise, easy and quick height adjustment with just one hand, giving the musician a comfortable and firm seat that provides an exceptional stability while playing.
– Adjustable in angle (tilting)

> Ergonomic removable backrest:
– Adjustable in Height
– Adjustable in angle (tilting).
– Automatically pivots to adapt to each user’s unique posture

> Full-circle chrome footrest of Ø 50 cm adjustable in height using a pressure lever to adapt to the musician’s preferred leg position. Removable design.

Our conductor’s or percussionist’s chair ref. SL-60 is upholstered with breathable and flame-retardant fabric (M1/Class 1), according the UNE-EN 1021-1 and UNE-EN 1021-2 standards.

The five-legged aluminium base has a black finish and the pneumatic tube and footrest have a shiny chrome finish, combining an elegant design with maximum stability and durability.


Seat Height: 57 cm – 83 cm (Adjustable)
Seat Dimensions: Ø 40 x 6 cm (Adjustable in angle)
Backrest Height: 82 cm – 120 cm (Adjustable)
Backrest Dimensions: 43 x 23 x 4 cm (Reclining & pivoting)
Swivel: Yes
Net Weight: 11.5 kg
Colour: Black
Material: Steel & Flame-retardant fabric (M1)


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