Showgear Rain Dome 60

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Regnskydd för Movingheads upp till Ø 60 cm

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  • Ø 60 cm Rain Cover for standard moving heads
  • Two sleeves heights (62/85 cm) available but not included
  • Built-in pressure switch
  • Bypass switch
  • Pro Power, Pro Power True and Schuko output connectors

The Showgear Rain Dome 60 is a Rain Cover Platform for standard moving heads with a diametre of up to 60 cm (23.6″). This enables you to use indoor moving heads safely at outdoor events since it’ll protect them from heavy rainfall. It can be placed directly on a truss like a totem since it is equiped with 4x M12 threaded holes for placing on spigots.

For Rain Dome 60 there are two different sleeves available which are not included. The ’dome sleeve’ is suitable for moving heads up to 62 cm high (24.4″) and the ’cylindrical sleeve’ for moving heads up to 85 cm high (33.5″).

The Rain Dome has a built-in pressure switch to prevent unwanted damage. The switch will automatically shut down all power when inside pressure diminishes. This can be temporarily overruled by an included bypass switch. It can be connected through Pro Power True and is equipped with three output connectors (Pro Power, Pro Power True and Schuko) for powering the moving head and/or other devices. Also there is the option to use your own cables since there is a waterproof opening (flap) at the back.

Please note that we also have a rain dome available for smaller <Ø 40 cm (15.7″) moving heads with a maximum height of 52 cm (20.5″).


Height (mm): 184 mm
Width (mm): 685 mm
Diameter: 600 mm
Weight: 14,2 kg
Maximum Load: 40 kg
Housing: Metal
Material: Steel
Colour: Black

Mounting Options: Dedicated Rigging Point, Surface

Reference Standard: CE, UKCA


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